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Updated: Reebok One Challenge: a safety benchmark for future obstacle races in Malaysia?


First thing first, it is a very well organized race. Just like any vanilla marathon organized by any established organizer, in this case, Reebok and DailyMuscle Transformation Camp.
And unlike any other run/half marathon, this is an obstacle race. Since this is the second obstacle race I have participated, I can’t help but compare it with the previous obstacle challenge, Viper Challenge.
And let me be frank, I preferred Viper Challenge. Just because it is harder.
I am not saying One Challenge is easy, but the amount of obstacle is simply not enough, given that the top three winners look like seasoned marathon runners (or maybe I am just not fit enough lol).

Catch a glimpse of the race at the end of the article!

And my body could barely take it, so yeah, the race did pushed me to the edge. That is what matters.
The race favors the runners, as most part of the course is on tar road. At most, we spent about 10 minutes on a descend trail run. Obstacles are 10kg sandbag (i was told it was at least 100m run, but this one looks like 20m run), monkey bar (safe and short distance), wall climb (with some assistance, easier to climb it without help), barrier jump, tire run and some sand mound run.



The race was designed with safety in mind. You can go through the entire race without your hand touching the ground. There isn’t even traceable amount of mud on me. There are lots of medical stations with ambulance standing by. Most of the course is ambulance accessible.
It is understandable. Reebok is a global brand. It has the resources to make it safe. They can’t risk a public outcry. The organizer of Viper Challenge was there to observe the race, too.
So, could this be another great example for future obstacle race in Malaysia? Will there be more obstacle race in Malaysia? Is the potential there?
It is hard to tell. The organizer was expecting 3000 participants. According to the timed result posted last night, there are about 1500 male and about 400 female participants.
On the other news, there is another obstacle run on 22nd December, which will be held in Singapore. I wonder how will that fair..

[youtube id=”SGzlkZ_4vXA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Photos: Reebok One Challenge Malaysia Facebook page