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Quest for the Musang King durian with Casio Exilim FR100

Did we just arrive in France without our passports?
Did we just arrive in France without our passports?

The state of Pahang in Malaysia centers on the hilly regions of the Titiwangsa range, most famous for the hilltop casino and entertainment center, Genting Highlands.

However, we had a different agenda as we embarked on a road trip on the roads less travelled around Pahang instead, making the Colmar Tropicale resort our first stop at Bukit Tinggi. This french themed resort owned by Berjaya Hotels gives you the impression that you’ve landed in France without your passport.

The Japanese Tea Garden was a lovely walk in the evening, as we meandered through the lush greenery, with a tea house nestled between. You could rent kimonos and have photos or sit down to learn about Japanese tea culture for a fee. There was also a Tatami spa, perhaps open by appointment only, and a Japanese restaurant within the grounds.

Strolling through the night at Colmar Tropicale in Pahang.
Make a wish, and toss in your coins as you stroll through the night at Colmar Tropicale in Pahang.

We descended towards Bentong for the new ‘Bentong Walk’ themed night markets, but sadly the rain washed out the celebrations for the night. Therefore, we decided to head for Raub and check out the local delicacies.

Upon arrival in Raub, we went in search of some Musang King durian, arguably the creme de la creme variety of the king of fruits. Stock was low, many stalls had closed for the day, but we managed to get a taste of it at a high price. Nevertheless, it didn’t disappoint, as it was fresh off the tree and the bitter creamy goodness was eaten with great satisfaction.

Only a few bites could not fulfil our desires, but we vowed to return for more in mid August as suggested by the stall owner.

Driving into the town center, we sat down to a scrumptious dinner with steamed wild Patin fish and freshly plucked ‘Sambal Petai’ at the Sentosa restaurant. This restaurant was perched on an old wooden ‘kampung’ house, designed in the olden Malay architecture.

Musang King durians were the highlight of our sojourn to Raub.
Musang King durians were the highlight of our sojourn to Raub.

The following day, we ventured to the Chamang waterfalls nearby Bentong town for a quick dip in the refreshing cold waters. The place was packed with families and friends out on a picnic. Fortunately the area was vast, and there was ample room for everyone on the rocks and in the water.

We chose a quieter spot and plopped ourselves in the water, with durians in our picnic pack! Quite the snack to have, only available during the durian season, and the natural ‘hydrotherapy’ in cold, bubbling waters.

Chamang Waterfall
Obligatory wefie at Chamang waterfall. #wefieiscasio
Chamang Waterfall
Soak and relax as you enjoy the hydrotheraphy in the cold bubbling waters.

For lunch, we drove into Bentong again and met up with a friend who took us on a tour of the town, introducing us to the famous Bentong ‘Tau Fu Pok’ which is stuffed dried bean curd. The bean curd snack is made locally and sold at some local restaurants as well.

The famous handmade wan tan mee at Hoi Kee was also sold out by then, apparently you have to arrive before 11am to get a taste of it.

A local ice cream shop was packed with weekend travellers from afar so we didn’t get to taste the homemade ice cream, and perhaps we shall put that too onto our itinerary for the next visit ala ‘Jalan Cari Makan’ like a true Malaysian.

Photos were taken using the Casio Exilim FR100. #casioexilimfr100 #wefieiscasio

Infamous ginger from Bentong has its own mural in the town.
Infamous ginger from Bentong has its own mural in the town.

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