Just when you think you're tough enough


Put your weekend warrior to the test at Warrior Trail – 30-31.01.2016


  • Date: 30th and 31st January 2016
  • Venue: Semenyih Ecoventure Resort, Selangor, Malaysia

Warrior Trails are a chance for the average man and woman to test their physical fitness and mental toughness on one of the most demanding obstacle courses in Asia.

There will be a challenging course that will feature 25+ man-made structures and numerous natural obstacles over 10km. You can expect to run along quality, hard packed trails, cross streams and lakes and even negotiate a 500m jungle river section.

Warrior Trail takes  you on a journey through changing landscapes, and put you in places you wouldn’t normally go. With tough, physical, fun and original challenges thrown into the mix; there is no other obstacle course like us.


Course Summary

Distance: 10km
Obstacle per Kilometre: 25+
Water Stations: 5
Terrain: The first half of the course is undulating with the major hills coming between 1.5 and 4.5km. The second half of the course is much flatter and more downhill. Let’s get those hills out of the way early!

There is one major and two small river sections that make up nearly 800m of the course. Two sections are downstream and a final upstream section will be a real challenge for already tired legs. The water varies in depth from ankle to thigh high deep so non-swimmers needn’t worry.

Streams, rivers, lakes, forest trails, small road section (95% of our course is off-road) and plenty of muddy moments.

Image from Facebook/Warrior Trail

Featured Obstacles

Monkey Wrench, Jagged Edge, Mud Mounds, Underworld, Over a Barrel, Catapults, Combat Course, Rope & Repel, Wall Ride, Escape to Victory, Cargo Climb.

Recommended Kit

  • Trail running shoes with good grip
  • Gloves

For more info and to register, visit Warrior Trail’s website or follow them on Facebook