Just when you think you're tough enough

Running Tough Takes

Pushing endurance limits at the NPE Highway Challenge

This day marks the day I push myself beyond limits I thought I could never achieve. 24hrs of being awake with 10hrs full with fun filled race challenges.

It is one day I would remember forever and the start of trying our new type of runs and races having completed the Viper Arena in Shah Alam just a few hours prior.

5.30am: with no sleep from the night before I got ready putting on my loyal 2xu compression tights with blue markings, my lucky and favourite pair of pants and headed out from my house to NPE Highway Challenge race site at Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

6.15am: Did some warm ups, getting ready for the run at the race site. Everyone seemed eager and excitement filled the air at the starting line of the first Duo Highway Challenge Run organised by IJM and Allianz. Organisers were charging up the crowd from the stage, getting all the runners hyped up ready for the race.

6.28am: Flag off!!! Started up my Suunto Spartan Trainer watch and off I went! Felt motivated to give my all. Looking ahead, rain threatened as dark grey clouds loomed. A lot of runners seemed to be rushing as they would like to finish the race before it starts to rain. The route traversed through the tunnel underneath the LDP and veered onto the elevated NPE highway.

Winds were getting stronger, hitting into my face as it started to drizzle too. It felt so refreshing, calming and comforting. My first run, running in the morning rain.

7.18am: Markers at every kilometre made me feel good, spurring me to keep going forward with my new pair of Asics Women Neon Orange Gel Kayano 23. There were several billboards about this run along our running path. The advertising for this run was very encouraging throughout the early bird period and promotions for both Duo runs were made very affordable for new and season runners too.

8.03am: As I approach the final meters to the finish line,  and just in time because fatigue was starting kicking in. I could hear the cheers from the runners who had finished, and they were cheering on others to complete their run.

Finally the finish line!!! A burst of happiness and relief exploded from my heart and head.

This is the kind of run that I would recommend to my friends and their friends to participate because the run was well organised and there was so much to indulge in after the race. The mandatory Malaysian breakfast – Nasi Lemak was served alongside Milo trucks and Nestle breakfast cereal bars plus many others, were made available to fulfill the sugar cravings after a run.

Awesomeness all the way.

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Ho May Ai seeks out sporting adventures to challenge herself beyond limits in becoming a stronger person, through trial and error. With minimum sports background, she now paddles with the KL Barbarians Dragon Boat team, dives to chase after whale sharks, runs, hikes and swims too. What will be her next adventure?