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Pregnant CrossFit Trainer lifting weights sparks debate online

CrossFit Babes
CrossFit Babes. Image from Instagram

26-week pregnant Australian CrossFit trainer Revie Schulz posted a video of her doing 40kg (88lbs) squats on Instagram on December 26, and immediately questions were raised about the safety of pregnant women lifting weights.

Other commenters were quick to jump to Schulz’s defense, saying that as long as you stay within your comfort zone and don’t start a whole new regime, it is perfectly safe.

The video, taken at the Crossfit Devour gym, Gold Coast, shows Schulz very much in control as she performs the squats.

Schulz lists herself as the owner of the CrossFit Babes facility for women in the Miami suburb of Gold Coast.

Image from Instagram
Click to watch video. Image from Instagram

Source: Fox29 and Instagram