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Practise Running Drills to Run Faster and Prevent Injuries

Running drills enable you to run faster and prevent injury, says running coach Sue Teoh. (Instagram/Sue Teoh)Worried that your running form has suffered in the last 20 days while you’re stuck indoors? This is the best time to work on your running drills!

Running coach Sue Teoh shares some videos and top tips on how you can improve your running form. Your buddies will be wondering how you could have improved so much after this lockdown.

All these drills can be done on the spot, so even if you do not have anywhere to run, you can still do it indoors.

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TOP 5 Reasons To Do Running Drills

  1. Maintain and strengthen your running muscles.
  2. Drills help to ingrain proper movement pattern into our muscle memory and becomes automatic.
  3. Reduce risk of injury as you practise good form.
  4. Develop proper running form, to improve your running efficiency.
  5. Develop better coordination, balance and proprioception of the body so you become a more rounded athlete.

Overall, the drills help you maintain your running form when you are fatigued. You will also be able  to run faster and longer with less effort. WIN WIN WIN!

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Some music will also help you set the mood and invigorate you, so play your favourite running songs while you do the drills. Coach Sue likes pop songs, for example – Taylor Swift’s The Man, Karol G and Nicki Minaj’s Tusa, Eminem’s Godzilla plus some disco rhythm from Say So by Doja Cat.

Test your agility and coordination skills with the next 6 run drills in this video.

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