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Pokémon Go gets people more to exercise on the go

A virtual reality, mobile application has been getting people out exercising more. (Image from video)
A virtual reality, mobile application has been getting people out exercising more. (Image from video)

Well, it you haven’t heard by now, a newly-released Pokémon Go mobile application has gone viral and people BUT.. it has led to people being more physically active thanks to the app.

Since being released on July 6, more than seven million people have downloaded Pokémon Go to their smartphone. The game is an augmented reality application where users try to catch fictional characters known as Pokémon.

The Pokémon brand first started in 1995 and has been released in the form of online games, playing cards, television programs and movies. Users point their phones to real-world objects and the characters pop up on the screen.

Pokemon Go
Twitter responses from Pokemon Go addicts (Twitter)

With the help of GPS, the app uses actual locations where people can collect items and catch Pokémon. Because the app uses real-world locations, people have been running to various spots around town or have been spotted using the app on training runs. It’s gotten to the point where people have tweeted out that they are “sore” because of an increase in physical activity. The app even uses runners in their trailer.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
Charizard, part of the Pokemon family with fire powers. (Image from video)

Pokémon Trainer has taken on a whole new meaning

Going for a run with the intent of catching Pokémon has even garnered its own term: a Pokerun. There’s another benefit for runners. The more one runs, the more likely it is that eggs (a part of the game) will hatch into characters, which varies by distance (2K, 5K and 10K). The tougher characters requires people to run more distance, evident in the chart.

America’s iconic running spots, Central Park in New York City, has also seen a huge surge of people in the park in relation to the application. It won’t be long before you see people running randomly in your neighbourhood and parks.

Source: Running Magazine Canada