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Pixelio – 3D scanner & photo-lab for smartphones and GoPro

Smart 3D Ltd, a UK-based start-up company has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and has been successfully funded, achieving its initial target of $50,000.


Smart 3D has announced that it is raising funds to finish development of their revolutionary multifunctional 3D device.

One of the main advantages of Pixelio is simplicity – connect it to any smartphone with free applications (e.g. 123D Catch) and start enjoying Pixelio’s functionalities. The smartphone is placed in a rotating mount holder which allows not just to create perfect 3D scans, but also to take for example 360-degree pictures or time-lapse videos. The rotating arm is also wellsuited for GoPro cameras that can be connected to Pixelio via WiFi network.


“Until now, the market has lacked a small and mobile 3D scanner that is as easy to use as our device. Pixelio can be used by anyone with a smartphone or a GoPro. The development of printing and 3D scanning would not be possible without giving that possibility to every user. That was our goal when we created Pixelio – to make 3D available to everyone…”, says Sebastian Adamek, CEO Smart 3D Ltd.

The device will be even more accessible with its inexpensive price of less than $200. Kickstarter backers will also be treated to a special offer – they will be able to buy Pixelio at a very low price. It is therefore worth investing in the Pixelio project during the campaign. Inexpensive price, high-value functionality, ease of use and simple & pleasing to the eye design make Pixelio a great innovative gadget and the best choice in the 3D market.

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