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Pink versions of the Lansky Knife Sharpeners Quick Fix® and the Deluxe Quick Edge are now available

Pink versions of the Quick Fix® and the Deluxe Quick Edge are now available

Buffalo, New York (PRWEB) April 08, 2015 – Lansky Sharpeners, the world leader in fixed angle knife sharpening technology, and now a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, has introduced pink versions of its most popular Deluxe Quick Edge tungsten carbide Knife Sharpener and its Quick Fix® carbide/ceramic pocket-sized knife sharpener.


It has never been easier to put a razor-sharp edge on a knife. For use in the home or in the field, these compact lightweight sharpeners make it ideal for quick touch-ups and can restore almost any blade to peak performance.

Both the Deluxe Quick Edge and the Quick Fix® feature a precision, V-shaped tungsten carbide sharpening element in the head of the sharpener. When a blade passes through the V, rough or ragged metal is shaved away to produce a smooth, razor-sharp edge. The Quick Fix® also features an additional ceramic V-shaped element for light duty touch-ups or polishing already-sharpened blades.

The Deluxe Quick Edge features an ergonomic grip, finger guard with thumb rest and a slip-resistant rubber grip. The roomy grip provides the ability to use the sharpener with a gloved hand.


The Quick Fix® sharpener is super light and compact and easily fits in a pocket, tackle box or backpack. The Quick Fix® sharpener is equipped with a slip-resistant rubber pad for safe and easy handling.

The pink Deluxe Quick Edge and the Quick Fix® are the newest variants in an extensive product line of nearly 100 different knife and tool sharpeners. The pink Deluxe Quick Edge and the Quick Fix® are available through a variety of dealers or directly from Lansky Sharpeners. Learn more at lansky.com.

About the company:
Lansky Sharpeners is the most recognized name in knife-sharpening systems worldwide. In addition to their legendary Controlled Angle Sharpening System, they continue to develop new sharpening technologies and innovations for hunting, outdoor sports, kitchen use, as well as the workshop. Their product line includes everything from a knife sharpener to a pocket knife sharpener. Visit their online store to view their ever-expanding line of great sharpening products. For more information, visit their website at http://www.lansky.com.