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Pimp your underwater selfies with Casio Exilim FR100

Just when you think compact cameras are no longer in fashion, here comes Casio’s Exilim FR100 to add some fun in your selfies.. underwater!

We saw the perfect opportunity to grab some friends and plunge underwater in a swimming pool at Tanjong Jara Resort recently, to try out some underwater ‘we-fies’.

And our ‘we-fies’ were brilliant!

Casio Underwater Selfie2 Casio Underwater Selfie1

The camera was easy to use and responsive underwater AND even makes us look flawless. The 16mm wide angle makes it easy to fit everyone into the shot easily too.

Some Reebok brand ambassadors also jumped in for a group-fie with some awesome looking poses, and even Farina had shades on!Casio Underwater Selfie3

Casio Underwater Selfie4

And while you’re at it, how about an underwater Plank challenge, eh? Hold your breath!

We are really loving this camera, you’ll have to check it out for yourselves too. It works underwater up to 2m without the underwater casing, and up to 20m with the casing.

All photos and videos are shot by Casio Exilim FR100. For more information on the camera, click here.