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Pike Creek’s CrossFit API to host annual Winter War CrossFit Competition – 06.02.2016


CrossFit API, a premier CrossFit fitness and training studio located in Pike Creek, Delaware, is hosting its second annual Winter War CrossFit competition on February 6, 2016 at CrossFit API in Wilmington, USA.

The individual-based competition is based on the immensely popular concepts developed by CrossFit, Inc. and features various fitness, strength, and endurance events in six divisions: RX Women, Scaled Women, RX Men, Scaled Men, Master’s Men (40+), and Master’s Women (40+).


Joe DeAscanis, CrossFit API owner, CrossFit competitor, and former bodybuilding champion, looks forward to the Winter War competition. “CrossFit has become a tremendous way for people to get in shape and to maintain their overall health, and many participants choose to test their fitness levels at CrossFit competitions,” DeAscanis says. “When CrossFit enthusiasts compete against their personal records and against each other they create excitement around fitness, and they prove that hard work pays off.”

DeAscanis encourages sports- and fitness-oriented media coverage of the CrossFit API Winter War because the competition’s CrossFit events are sure to provide an engaging look at alternative fitness and training programs.

About CrossFit API

Health-conscious individuals are consistently looking for new and better ways to stay fit, lose weight, build endurance, and strengthen their bodies. To meet the increasing fitness demands of everyone from fitness beginners and soccer moms to triathletes and professional bodybuilders, the team from Achieving Physiques (a top workout studio and personal training service located in Pike Creek, Delaware) founded CrossFit API – the best Delaware CrossFit experience – in 2013.

CrossFit, a fun, invigorating fitness regimen that uses constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity, is a phenomenal way for individuals to meet their fitness, training, and weight loss goals. The CrossFit API training studio is located in Pike Creek, Delaware and offers several fitness classes per day.

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