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Pick Your Favourite KLSCM 2020 Pacers For Your Race!

Becoming a Pacer for the premier distance running event in Malaysia is a serious responsibility. In this year, Dirigo Events, the owner and organiser of KLSCM, decided to invite and conduct open trials for all those harbouring aspirations to be a Pacer.

Runners usually follow a Pacer in a distance running event to finish at a certain time or perhaps they needed the encouragement, motivation and advice that an experienced Pacer could provide along the course.

Since 2010, the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM) began its Pacer programme and it has grown to become a crucial ingredient of KLSCM ever since. Out of an initial 247 applications, 116 runners were shortlisted for the trials which took place over two consecutive Sundays. Both sessions were held over a 1km loop at the LHDN offices in Jalan Duta.

The candidates were required to run consistently-timed loops without the aid of watches or any electronic devices. The intention was to get the candidates to run by “feel” as consistently as they could, with the Half Marathon hopefuls doing 10 loops while those trying for the Full Marathon had to complete 18 loops.

“For the 12th edition of KLSCM, we felt we needed to freshen up our Pacer Team with some new blood and so we decided to conduct the Open Trials,” said Rainer Biemans, Project Director of KLSCM and Director of Dirigo Events.

Biemans and the Dirigo Team have now analysed all the results and have come to the difficult decision of selecting 30 Pacers for KLSCM 2020.

KLSCM Half Marathon Pacers

  • Munintaran Sundram (2:00)
  • Nur Helmi b Nor Halim (2:00)
  • Siti Shuhaizam bt Mamat Raduan (2:30)
  • Shirley Chan (2:30)
  • Rosaline Tee Min Jy (3:00)
  • Nor Amalina bt Mohd Yunus (3:00)

KLSCM Full Marathon Pacers

  • Lionel Lee San Loong (3:45)
  • Puaa Wen Piao (3:45)
  • Lim Yew Khuay (4:00)
  • Richard Tang (4:00)
  • Malcalm Chew (4:30)
  • David Christopher (4:30)
  • Teoh Beng Jun (5:00)
  • Chua Soon Ee (5:00)
  • William Chung Wei Lam (5:00)
  • Loh Kien Waei (5:30)
  • Ahmad Hadafi b. Jus (5:30)
  • Mohd Fazli Izwan b Abd Jalil (5:30)
  • Seah Leong San (6:00)
  • Annliza Alexander Alibar (6:00)
  • Joel Lawrence (6:00)
  • Kee Chai Soon (6:30)
  • Yeoh Ching Ya (6:30)
  • Sim Kuan Kuek (6:30)
  • Azieziah Abdul Rahman (7:00)
  • Look Swee Yit (7:00)
  • Radiah Kalia Abdullah (7:00)
  • Tan Kok Hee (7:15)
  • Wong Sing Haow (7:15)
  • Low Chooi Wan (7:15)

These Pacers will be appearing at the KLSCM 2020 Running Clinics. If you have a time goal for this year’s KLSCM, attend the Running Clinics, get to know them and seek their advice. Follow the KLSCM FB page to find out who will be at which Clinic!