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Penang-Based Sportswear Brand, Elgini Apparel, Thrives with Strategic Shift to Online Sales and Shopee Live

Elgini Apparel Sdn Bhd (Elgini), the renowned sportswear brand based in Penang, has announced its successful transition to online sales, capitalising on the growing demand for their affordable and high-quality sportswear. Earlier this year, Elgini acquired a spacious 30,000 square foot factory in Nibong Tebal, a move strategically aimed at meeting the increasing demand from their loyal customer base.

The key driver behind Elgini’s exponential growth has been their strategic emphasis on online sales, particularly through live streaming on Shopee, one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms. Recognising the potential of Shopee Live, Elgini actively joined the platform in November 2020, leveraging its features to engage with customers, build communities, and expand their online reach.

Elgini’s Shopee Live sessions have become a cornerstone of their online success, contributing significantly to their sales. The brand’s hosts, donning Elgini attire, interact with customers in real-time, offering product education and showcasing a wide range of sportswear, including windbreakers, yoga pants, and their popular tracksuits. These live sessions, running for two to three hours each throughout the day and up to 14 hours daily, have not only driven sales but also fostered deep connections with their audience, leading to the creation of vibrant online communities and a dedicated customer base.

Elgini’s CEO, Mr Lim, expressed his enthusiasm for Shopee Live, stating, “Shopee Live has been instrumental in Elgini’s online success, enabling us to seamlessly engage shoppers and provide enjoyable shopping experiences. Looking ahead, Elgini Apparel has exciting plans to further enhance our Shopee livestream, offering improved features for an enhanced shopping experience.”

Elgini Apparel’s remarkable journey began in 2018 when the brand transitioned from being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with 15 years of industry experience to becoming an independent brand. Their unique position as both the brand owner and producer allows them to adjust pricing to meet customer needs, fulfilling their mission of offering affordable, high-quality sportswear to Britons of all backgrounds, ages, and sizes.