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Pacemakers Malaysia Continues Running Strongly Since 2004

When you want to join a running race, would you ring up a band of brothers? That’s what Ronnie See did in 2004 and 16 years later, the Pacemakers Malaysia still runs together in a group.

Formerly known as Der Pacemakers Network, Ronnie wanted to participate in the Penang Round Island Relay (PRIR) which required a team of 15 members. Sadly, he could not gather the required number of team members to participate PRIR that year, but the group stuck together and gave themselves monikers like ‘PM1’ for their captain, Ronnie.

Captain and founder Ronnie See has been leading the Pacemakers since 2004. (Smartpix)

Although they could not participate in the PRIR, they organised their first event in 2005 to mark the 1 year anniversary of founding Der Pacemakers Network. As a tradition, they organise The Pacemakers Anniversary Run in a relay format every year which has grown from 12 teams in 2006 to 300 teams in 2019.  Going back to the PRIR, the Pacemakers joined their first race in 2006 and finished in seventh place. They vastly improved their running performances, and their elite team placed third on the podium in 2010.

Currently, the Pacemakers are 100 members strong and hold their group runs every Tuesday to Thursday at Bird Park KL, 6.30pm, where they welcome anyone to join them. During the runs, they organise training programs consisting of speed work, hills, tempos and easy runs.

Being a stronghold in the running community, the Pacemakers gives back to the community by providing technical support in several runs across Malaysia over the last few years, like the Bangi Wonderland Nature Run 2017-2019, Precious Run 2016-2019, KL Bar Run 2017-2019, Cellglo Run 2019, Melaka Hatten Vertical Run 2017, PSP King of Forest 2017, Rapid KL BRT Run 2017 and 106 Tower Run 2019.

This year, they hope to continue spreading their passion in running to more people, young or old. At their anniversary run, they will be targeting 300 teams to race on 3rd May 2020 at the Perdana Botanical Gardens, KL. Open to the public, it is a fun filled event joined by both serious runners and families.

For more information or to join the Pacemakers Malaysia in their runs, follow them on Facebook.