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OSIM Sundown Marathon Joins List of Cancelled Races

The OSIM Sundown Marathon has joined a slew of Singapore events that have been cancelled owing to the covid-19 outbreak.

The race organiser announced yesterday that the 23 May race would not go ahead after the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak a pandemic. It has infected more than 127,000 and killed over 4,700 worldwide.

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“This decision is not made lightly. This is the first time in our 13-year history that we have to cancel a race,” said Max Phua, OSIM Sundown Marathon’s spokesman.

“Even though this decision may derail the plans of some 25,000 runners we host year-on-year, public health and safety come first. Every year, Sundown attracts runners from over 30 countries. This also means it elevates the health risk above all other public outings.”

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“We choose to put no one in danger. We appreciate the commitment of all the runners who are looking forward to the race and hope to have their continued support next year.”

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