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NZ Triathlete suspended over incorrect swim time at world championships


New Zealand triathlete, Amy Stretton has been suspended for two years over incorrect time at Oklahoma ITU Long Distance World Championships.

Stretton’s swim time of 55.27 was more than one minute faster than the fastest Elite male and more than eight minutes faster than the leading elite female. Stretton, is a Physical Education teacher and was initially disqualified on race day, but the decision was overturned after an appeal. Her swimming coach Jane Logan vouches for her and her good training ethics, and said Stretton was capable of achieving the time.

This wasn’t the first time Stretton had been doubted as she was also queried at the 2015 Ironman in Taupo. Race management corrected her time after discovering that she started in a bunch earlier than she should have. Not short of controversies, she has been previously suspended by TriNZ for falsely representing herself as a member of their elite team.

According to the Commission: “We do know that no reasonable person with Ms Stretton’s experience could reasonably believe that she managed to complete the swim in a time faster than the fastest elite men, the fastest elite woman, and more than 28 minutes faster than the next fastest competitor in her age group.

“We consider it is likely that Ms Stretton acted deliberately, given the absence of any explanation to the contrary, and the convenience of suggesting that the time is one she could have done in theory.”

It found her to be in breach of TriNZ’s Code of Conduct, Section 2.1(a) of the TriNZ Rules, Clause 8.4 of the TriNZ Constitution and Clause 1 of Stretton’s athlete agreement as her actions amounted to a failure to be honest, to take responsibility for her actions, to practice good sportsmanship, and to abide by the rules of the sport.

The suspension prohibits Stretton from being a member of any triathlon club affiliated to TriNZ or any other ITU affiliated club, nor will she be entitled to participate in any TriNZ sanctioned activities or those sanctioned by any TriNZ or ITU members.

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