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Nurse Runs Solo Marathon, Maps ‘Boston Strong’ With Spelling Error

Lindsay Devers was supposed to take part in her first Boston Marathon if all things were running smoothly. But the outbreak of novel coronavirus forced organisers to postpone the event. However, Lindsay decided to not let COVID-19 snatch away her thunder.

She ran the marathon all alone and mapped the words ‘Boston Strong’ with the route. However, a spelling error messed up the perfect cheering up present for Boston.

Lindsay ran through a route that read ‘Boston Strog’ and realised the mistake only after finishing the race. She posted her experience on instagram with the photo of the trail.



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“Find your fire and do whatever it is that wakes you up, whatever it is that makes you feel alive. Do what inspires you, what moves you, what makes your heart race. Do the things that ignite passion into your bones, chase your dreams, follow your heart, capture the moments that take your breath away. Do not settle for mediocrity. Do what makes you happy. If there is something you want, go get it. If you have a dream, follow it. Do not let fear hold you back. Trust your instincts and believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you think. This is your now. This is your time. This is your life. And you only have one. Make it count.” -Bryan Anthonys .(yes, I know I spelled strong wrong but it was too late to start over ?) . . #bostonmarathon #solobostonmarathon #bostonmarathoncovidedition #selfsupportedmarathon #unsupportedmarathon #marathon #bostonmarathontraining #run #runnersworld #bostonrunners #covid #seeyouinseptember #livelife #dreambig #bostonstrog #determination #perseverance #dedication #resilience #bostonstrong #garminforerunner945 #altra #altrarunning #mentaltoughness #theresgoodoutthere #nathanvaporhowe #vaporhowe12l #mghanesthesia #mgh #mghcrnas

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According to the post, the nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital ran 26.29 miles at the pace of 8 minutes 37 seconds. She posted her achievement of finishing the ‘Solo Boston Marathon Covid Edition’ on 21 April on her personal Instagram handle.

Sharing an inspiring quote by Bryan Anthony that asks people to find their fire and do “whatever it is that wakes [them] up”. Alongside the motivational quote, Lindsay wrote, “Yes, I know I spelled strong wrong but it was too late to start over.”

Nobody paid much attention to the mistake though. Heaps of praises poured in on the nurse via social media. While many praised her strength, several others thanked her for boosting their morale.

One comment on the Instagram post read, “Proud of you!! This is amazing!! (and a little funny!) great job!”

Source: Nurse Runs Solo Marathon, Gets Praised Despite Mapping ‘Boston Strong’ with Spelling Error

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