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No more “Kicking The Bell” at Spartan Race

Ringing the bell on the Monkey Bars in style
Ringing the bell on the Monkey Bars in style

If you think that kicking the bell at the top of the rope or monkey bar is cool and still aspire to do that (if you haven’t already), your hopes have been quashed at Spartan Race.

Athlete Director at Spartan Race issued an email stating:

Kicking of bells on obstacles will not be allowed in future races. In some cases this has put athletes in dangerous head-first situations.

Obstacles will be designed to allow the bell to be reached by hand, but will not become easier to complete.

Common obstacles this affects, but not limited to include: Rope Climb, Monkey Bar, Multi Rig.

So what will the next trend of ringing the bell be?

Source: ObstacleRacingMedia.