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Nike and Reebok embattle in Shoe War showdown

Creative ad from Nike. SeekingAlpha.com)
Creative ad from Nike. (SeekingAlpha.com)

CrossFit has grown by leap and bounds as a sport and now is worth ~$4 billion. Couch potatoes got out of their sofas to embrace this sport and has been known to inspire more and more people worldwide.

Right behind this sport, sits the global brand, Reebok which became the official brand of CrossFit till the end of 2021. Wanting a chunk of the pie, Nike is trying to lure the CrossFit community starting with shoes.

So the shoe wars have begun with Nike releasing its Metcon shoe series as the ‘alternative’ selection, taking a creative curve ball around Reebok. Metcon quickly gained popularity among athletes and became the major footwear brand for a lot of people.

As the summer approached, CrossFit’s main event – the CrossFit Games, with Reebok announcing that no other shoe besides Reebok brand could be used by athletes at the games due to contractual obligations with CrossFit Inc.. To counter the situation, Nike launched a social campaign in which it condemned the ban with the slogan: Don’t ban our shoe. Beat our shoe.