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‘New Girl’ actor Max Greenfield shares his obsession for the CrossFit Games

Actor Max Greenfield chats about CrossFit Games with Seth Meyers. (Pic from video)

Have you ever tried explaining the CrossFit Games to someone who does not know about CrossFit?

Actor Max Greenfield from popular American TV Series ‘New Girl’ had a chat with talk show host, Seth Meyers about attending the Reebok CrossFit Games and his little-known obsession with the obscure sport.

“Everyone goes to these (CrossFit Games) events dressed in their CrossFit gear, as if, just in case a CrossFit workout breaks out, I’m ready. It would be like going to a (American) Football game dressed in shoulder pads,” joked Greenfield about the audience, including himself.

Actor Max Greenfield has signed up for the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. (

Greenfield began CrossFit in 2010 and has attempted every CrossFit Open. He says that it’s more than just hours in the gym that lead to these feats of strength in the Open each year; it’s the energy that comes from an entire community working out together and encouraging one another that sets the Open apart.

Watch the highlights of Max Greenfield’s chat, courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers.