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névo: French Minimalist Watch

Névo, a collaboration between French designers and experienced sports electronics experts, introduces the Névo watch, a timepiece that connects the elegance of the past with the power of the future in a sleek modern design featuring activity tracking, smartphone notifications, and unique LED goal progression indicators. Névo combines style and practicality resulting in a beautifully useful fitness wearable for health conscience, active people.


“Today, people understand the need to adopt healthy habits in their busy lives to look and feel better. The technology exists to quantify small changes that produce healthy results, but until now, style played a distance second to function. When others think only of technology, we also think of beauty and simplicity.” Sébastien, Co-founder.


French Design

The French designed watch uniquely combines the style of analogue with the power of digital, using a ring of eleven integrated bright white LED lights that show goal progression at a glance.

“When you consider a watch, it is a very intimate personal item, perhaps the one you wear the most. But what if we could give it more functionality while retaining a beautiful design? By building a watch with a unique new style and adding powerful activity tracking capabilities, we create the ultimate accessory, one which is more than a watch, it’s an everyday companion to your active life.” Christophe, French designer.


Quality Materials
The high strength 3 ATM water and shock resistant stainless steel 316L body of the watch is an indication of the quality materials and precision craftsmanship of Névo. The crystal is made from Sapphire glass that is nearly twice as hard as standard glass and the device includes a leather band as well as a rubber band for extreme conditions.

Active Technology

The advanced internal accelerometer and digital tracker detects all daily movement. Névo tracks steps, swims, calories burned, and more. It is a constant friendly reminder to stay active. Since Névo is a timepiece that will serve users for years, the device firmware is upgradable for scheduled feature updates and to make the device future proof.


Perfect Timing, Lasting Power
Névo is first and foremost an accurate, beautiful, and reliable timepiece. It keeps perfect time every time, but also connects to smartphones with vibrating notifications for important events. When in phone range, Névo easily syncs to the cloud to store personal stats, events, and achievements online and unlike a smartwatch, Névo doesn’t need to be charged. It uses Bluetooth Low-Energy 4.0 and the standard CR2016 watch battery lasts up to 6 months.

Be Active, Be Social

Another feature that sets Névo apart is the ability to get social with sports. Using the Névo app, users can connect with friends for inspiration, chat, and fitness challenges. The Névo app is functionally independent so users can connect, inspire, and succeed with friends who use Névo or other activity tracking devices and apps. The app will also be compatible with Goggle Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Névo is now available on at MYR1,199/-.

About Névo

Névo is a joint venture from iMaze, a leading French design brand for fitness wearable devices and EMIE, a creative brand of consumer electronic lifestyle products.