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MyDIMA Promotes Inclusion at Charity Run

The Malaysian Disability Managers Association (MyDIMA) in collaboration with PERKESO and title sponsor TENA will organise the MYDIMA Run & Roll Carnival and Charity Run 2019 on 16 November 2019.

Everyone including children, regardless of abilities or disabilities, are welcomed to join the run that will held at the Tun Razak Rehabilitation Centre (TRRC) in Melaka. The run aims to promote healthy lifestyle as well as provide exposure towards Disability Management. The event will feature a festive atmosphere with food trucks, exhibitions and an attractive lucky draw with bicycles, phones and many more.

MyDIMA comprises of Disability Management practitioners including rehabilitation specialists, doctors, allied health professionals and rehabilitation suppliers. Together, they aim to promote the inclusion of workers with disabilities back into the workforce, enabling them to be more productive individuals.

1,500 participants are expected to throng the run, coming from the rehabilitation centre’s alumni, persons with disabilities who have been successfully rehabilitated and have returned to work, disability management practitioners and members of the public.

“Apart from promoting healthy lifestyle, the event is primarily to provide awareness on rehabilitation and how it empowers individuals after an injury or illness to become independent and have a good quality of life. We look forward to an eventful run this year after a fantastic run in 2016. There will be plenty of lucky draw prizes and we look forward to having you join us! ” mentioned Dr. Hafez bin Hussain, President of MyDIMA.

“At TENA, we recognize the importance of creating awareness and understanding on incontinence. Our support towards MYDIMA Run & Roll Carnival and Charity Run 2019 is also part of our commitment to provide caregivers and their loved ones with the right products and educational tools in order to improve their daily lifestyle, and to live a normal and active life” said Su Ting Nee, President of Vinda Group, Southeast Asia, title sponsor of the run.

To register, contact Suriana at 012 607 6763 OR MyDIMA at 012 607 6763 / 019 658 5507 / 017 205 3103 for further information. Proceeds of the run will be distributed to several charitable homes.

Stay tuned for updates via MYDIMA’s official Facebook page.