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Muscle Up Progression


Muscle up, one of the hardest form of pullups. It requires not just pulling oneself up, but also enough momentum to send the body over the bar. Once the chest ‘flies’ over the bar, one must turn the griping position from hook grip to support the body weight on the boney part of the palms, and there are few ways to do it. False grip, or more explosive pullups. Both works. muscle-up-gracefully

Bent-over dumbbell or barbell rowing
A good workout for beginners, especially those who can’t do pullups first. Many beginners gave up pullups due to lack of grip and upper back strength and this is a good exercise to start.

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Strict Pullups
Obviously the first thing one has to master.


Kipping pullups
Faster version of pullups which engage a lot of shoulders. Requires more stamina as it is faster, more rapid. More of a control and skill base rather than a strength workout. Takes some time to practice and control your swinging during kipping pullups. You may practice this when you are fatigue with your strict pullups and want to keep going. Kipping also develops hook grip strength from the consistent swinging.

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Butterfly pullups (optional)
More advanced than kipping pullups. Requires more control of your lower body and timing.


Toes-to-bar or Knees-to-elbow
To build your core strength and control on a bar. This exercise also emphasis on control and reducing swing while on the bar.

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L-pullups (optional)
You may not need this, but this is something cool to pick up, too. Assume normal pullup position, but with your legs parallel to the floor. Requires lots of thigh and core strength to hold that position WHILE pulling up.


It is a squat for upper body. Once you get your chest over the bar, you will need the strength or momentum to push yourself upwards in a similar fashion of dip to complete the exercise. The following video gives a very good idea of how you should do a strict dip.

[embedvideo id=”n_3FUHQJOYk” website=”youtube”]

Pictures credit to and wordpress user jonty23