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MTV Fit launches vertical content on Facebook and Instagram

Catching onto fitness trends, MTV International has launched MTV Fit on Facebook and Instagram, to capture a global audience on Social Media.

MTV Fit focuses on nutrition and mental well-being as well as fitness workouts, but from a body positive and inclusive viewpoint. Videos capture the most attention on social media, and keep up with the trends, MTV Fit will be posting 60-second upper-body workout videos, “mesmerizing” smoothie recipes and reviews of apps that boost mental health.

(Facebook/MTV Fit)

A fitness editor and a video producer will manage the content, with an internationally based team producing roughly 10 pieces of fitness content daily across platforms, mainly Facebook and Instagram for now. Videos are roughly 60 seconds, but MTV plans to expand into streaming longer Facebook Live workouts focusing on specific areas, like core or leg workouts. In the coming months, MTV Fit will increase content it produces in areas that prove popular with audiences.

“Pop culture is so general. People have various different interests; we want to explore those.” said Joanna Wells, vp of digital content for MTV International.

MTV Fit videos also feature series with MTV talent, like reality TV celebrity Vicky Pattison, competitive pole dancer David Skowronek and personal trainer Tyrone Brennand. The videos are created to be easy to translate, with limited text, so they can be shared to MTV’s international accounts.

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