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SEA Games 2019 Triathlon

Motherhood Inspires Serena Yang To Prepare Well For SEA Games Triathlon

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Motherhood has inspired and strengthened Serena Yang’s journey towards the SEA Games.

Becoming a new mother has not deterred Serena Yang Chen Yin from competing in the upcoming Sea Games at The Philippines. Instead, it has been inspiring and fueling her desire to excel instead.

Setting an example for fellow mothers, Serena qualified for the individual event in triathlon encompassing a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run. The Sarawakian lass comes from a competitive swimming background and has been competing in triathlons since 2015. Recently, motherhood has been the hardest job but also represents Serena’s greatest achievement.

“I always have this dilemma when my son is taking his nap. Should I nap, or should I do my training, or maybe cook lunch or dinner? 24 hours is never enough!”


Serena’s time management skill is put extremely to the test as she trains twice a day, with a meaningful recovery in between.

In her first comeback race, Serena surprised herself by winning in her age group category at the Perak Triathlon in Lumut in June. This was followed by a similar age group win at the challenging course at Pattaya Triathlon in Thailand over the weekend. Indirectly, Serena also learnt that motherhood has changed her perspective towards racing and that her body has evolved to become tougher physically and mentally.

Usually I will have a serving of Hammer Nutrition’s Strawberry flavoured Recoverite Recovery Drink after my race or a tough training session, just so that I can recover faster, resume training the next day, and to spend more time with my 8-month-old boy.

Serena with coach cum husband, Aldrian Yeo

With Serena’s intense training, an old knee injury recurred recently. Aldrian Yeo – her husband cum coach, has written a very detailed training program to improve on her weaknesses and leverage on her strengths. This will be the second time that they both qualified for the same competition, and they have seized the challenge to eke out time to train and juggle their parental duties.

“Counting down the weeks to SEA Games, I’m excited to get on the start line with my husband!”


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