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Mixed Parentage Triathlete Aimi Iwasaki Spells Malaysia for Merdeka

In celebrating our nation’s 63rd independence, national triathlete Aimi Iwasaki chose to keep it close to home in these testing times with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days short of being born a Merdeka baby, the Penang-born of mixed Japanese and Malaysian parentage also celebrated her birthday making it a double celebration on August 31st.

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Setting out to run part of a 63km Merdeka LSD in Penang

Flagged off at 1am, the 25-year-old joined some friends to run part of a 63km Merdeka Long Slow Distance (LSD) run in Penang. Plus keeping to the theme of the day, she designed a workout that spelt the word “Malaysia” with 63 repetitions.

To spell out “Malaysia”, she started with M – Marching, A- Alternating back lunges, L – Lying leg lift. A – Alternating arms/leg lift, Y-shaped arm raise, S – Sumo squats, I – Inch worm push up and finished with A – Arm rotation.

Subsequently, the Culinary and Fine Dining graduate and her family committed to community work cleaning up her hometown area. This was the perfect way to bond among family members and they finished they day at the dining table with some home-cooked Malaysian cuisine namely nasi lemak, laksa, ulam and cendol for dessert.

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“We have always believed in the discipline and love that starts from home. I believed that’s what made me become the person who I am today. For my country, family, others and of course, myself.” said Aimi.