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Milwaukee Marathon Cancellation Impacts Student-Run Business

Autzen Stadium will be empty on 26 April 2020 after the news broke that the 2020 Eugene Marathon has been cancelled.

One business owner spoke to KVAL about how the runners of Tracktown USA are adjusting their running to this new way of life.

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Run Hub Northwest is a running store in Eugene that, like many other businesses, is feeling the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We sort of had high expectations, then had the brakes slammed all of a sudden,” said Dustin Pearce, the owner of Run Hub Northwest.

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March is typically a busy month for Pearce – who started Run Hub in 2015, especially with the Eugene marathon hitting the homestretch. The news of this year’s marathon being cancelled was a tough reality.

“I think a lot of people were hanging onto the hope that they could kind of train solo and at least keep going for the carrot at the end of the stick which was competing in the Eugene Marathon or Half-Marathon,” Pearce said.

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“When the marathon comes around, it’s a fun time in Eugene,” said Tony Clement, the assistant manager at Run Hub. “Without that being here this month, it’s gonna be a big change for us.”

Clement is a former collegiate runner at the University of Oklahoma, and he says that he is trying to approach the current situation with an optimistic attitude.

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