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Marvel Run brings Star-Studded Cosplay to Putrajaya, Malaysia

Writer Jyn had a Marvel-lous time suited up as Black Panther at the inaugural Marvel Run Malaysia.

Captain America, Captain Marvel coupled with Thor and Black Panther were spotted having a Marvel-lous time at the inaugural Marvel Run Malaysia in Putrajaya.

Cosplay was at its finest with 15,000 runners from young children to adults, all dressed up to the theme for the night run of various distances around the administrative capital. Many families were coordinated in their star-studded costumes too, making lovely photos to cherish.

Fireworks at flag-off! Marvellous indeed, everyone was cheering with Captain America and Captain Marvel at the starting line.

A mother’s sacrifice with my firstborn continues with little sleep and zero mileage in the last few weeks, so I planned to complete the 10km run at an easy pace, targeting 90 minutes. I too joined the bandwagon as Black Panther and threw in a cape for good measure.

Many people were dressed up as Loki, Spiderman, Ironman and Ant-Man so photo-taking became the main agenda of the run!

It was really up-lifting to see so many runners dressed up in various costumes, making it a colourful atmosphere, and made me forget about the humidity and warm temperatures on the run.

The water stations were generous to cater to the big crowds, with many timing mats too along the city route which had nothing notable except buildings.

It would have been nice to see certain Marvel-themed stations with some music along the route to break the monotony.

Soon enough, we were reaching the finish line where the Avengers: End Game movie was shown on a large screen. People were welcomed to stay and watch the movie under the stars.

Wakanda forever with partner in crime, Isabelle Chin

All in all, the run was very well organised, family-friendly and will definitely be on my to-run-list for next year!


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