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Marathon runners injured in hit and run at KL Marathon

Some runners at the KL Standard Chartered Marathon 2019 suffered injuries after a hit and run. Along the marathon route in the early morning, a vehicle crashed through safety barriers and ploughed into the runners.

According to a Facebook post by Encik Onizuka Rizuan, his friend Faizul Shahrul suffered injuries to his head, arms, broke his hip and femur, and required immediate surgery.

Original Facebook post by Encik Onizuka Rizuan:

Marathon runners were hit and run at the KL marathon. (Facebook)

The organisers of the marathon issued an official statement which stated that the runners have received medical treatment and that they have been working with the authorities on the incident.

According to the authorities, Selangor Traffic Enforcement and Investigations Department chief Supt Azman Shariat said that the driver had used a rental car. The driver has yet to make a police report and the police are trying to track down the driver.

The running community is well reminded of a previous fatal incident involving Evelyn Ang at the Klang City International Marathon on December 2017.  Authorities have been making efforts in improving safety standards at sporting events since then.

Update on Oct 1 from The Star:

The driver allegedly involved in the incident has been arrested by the Police who found six pills which are believed to be Erimin-5. She also tested positive for methamphetamines and amphetamines, does not have a criminal record but had an outstanding traffic summons.

Source: The Star and Facebook.