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Malaysia to participate in NORCHA – Euro Series Endurance Racing

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 (Bernama) — Malaysia for the first time will be participating in the Euro Series endurance racing in the Norcha leg in Alta Tamega, Portugal from Sept 22 to 27.

Photo from Kelab Eksplorasi 7 Benua Malaysia Facebook Page
Photo from Kelab Eksplorasi 7 Benua Malaysia Facebook Page

The NORCHA Adventure Race, inserted in the AR EuroSeries, taking place 22-27 September. This is an adventure race, multidisciplinary, in which mixed teams will cover a route of about 350 km and get achieve the goal at most of 72 hours.  This special edition will take place in northern Portugal and the itinerary is shown just hours before the start of competition.

The national team known as KE7B SNR MALAYSIA comprises four endurance sports enthusiasts namely Suhaimi Mohammdin, 41; Mohd Shukri Sulaiman, 37; Laurel Lauridson Adrian, 24 and Stephanie Chok, 36.

Team patron, Datuk Shahrul Yahya said the Malaysian team selection process for the championship took three years and Malaysia, the only representative from Asia, would be among 30 teams from all over the world competing in the race.

The Expedition formated race will involve all the challenges of a multi-day race, but often with additional disciplines (e.g., horse-back riding, unusual paddling events, extensive mountaineering and rope work).

NORCHA, is  an adventure race, born to satisfy lovers of extreme sports and survival. Themain goal is to offer all the intervening people an unforgettable experience in Portugal, enabling them to expand their horizons in relation to himself and to others, in a harmonious connection to the environment.

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