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Malaysian Spartans learns the steps in community workout at Fuel Athletics

SpartanMY-Fuel Athletics-6
Aspiring Malaysian spartans at the community workout hosted by Fuel Athletics

AROO, Spartans! Are you preparing to dominate the Malaysia Spartan race this October?

Some 50 aspiring Malaysian Spartans had a free community workout hosted by the awesome trainers at Fuel Atheletics, to prep their skills and get ready for the next race.

Heard about the ‘burpee’ but no idea how to do it? Coach Faizal and his crew demonstrated the correct way to do it, and graciously gave us 25 times to perfect it. How ‘generous’.

I’d never done so many burpees in my entire life!

SpartanMY-Fuel Athletics-2
Starting out with burpees, the all-time favourite

Coach Faizal and his crew then set us up for a taste of burpees, lunges, bear crawls, commando crawls and more burpees. Aspiring spartans ranged from ladies to gentleman, the not so fit, the gym addicts and everyone else in between. We were put to the grind in 3 workouts after a 1km run for a warm up.

Amazingly, no matter how much their muscles were screaming in pain, and how tired they were, no spartan gave up! That is indeed the spirit of the Spartan!

SpartanMY-Fuel Athletics-7
Hanging tough through out the 4 laps of lunges
Bear crawl was part of the workout
Bear crawl was part of the workout

FREE Spartan Race Malaysia Mass Workout with Joe De Sena

Join us for the next Spartan Race Malaysia Mass Workout at the Setia City Mall in Setia Alam this Sunday, 23rd August. Joe De Sena (CEO and Founder of Spartan Race) will be conducting a FREE Mass Workout for all Spartans in training.

RSVP at this link on EventBrite.

For more info, follow Spartan Race Malaysia on Facebook.

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SpartanMY-Fuel Athletics-1
Coach Faizal (center in white) warming up the spartans
If you're in pain, you're doing it correctly.
If you’re in pain, you’re doing it correctly.