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Come October, Malaysia will become the first country in South-east Asia to host all three races of one of the world’s biggest obstacle course races (OCR) with the final of the trifecta series for Spartan Race.

Reebok Spartan Race Malaysia will host the Spartan Beast which is the last of the 3-piece medal offered to Spartan enthusiasts, on Oct 9th. They also offer a new chance for ‘freshie’ Spartans to kick off their trifecta series with the Spartan Sprint 6km course on October 8th based in Taman Rimba Alam, Putrajaya.

“By completing the trifecta race, participants will be part of a global tribe of fearless adventure loving racers,” said Douglas Lau, Race Director for Spartan Race Malaysia.

The previous editions of the Spartan Race saw 10,000 participants completing in the Sprint race in Setia Alam last October and more than 8,000 participated in the Super series in Klang earlier this year.

“For Beast, we are expecting 2,500 participants. We have had a good mix of participants, from young to old. In Spartan Race, we believe everyone has what it takes. We also start them as young as four-years-old through our Spartan Junior Race,” Lau said.

One-armed Spartan, CK Loh (left) with his Reebok teammates. (Spartan Race Malaysia)

One-armed Spartan, CK Loh (left) with his Reebok teammates. (Spartan Race Malaysia)

Lau added that “adrenaline junkies” in the country were undoubtedly regarded as among the “craziest” in the region. Spartan Race Malaysia have also been conducting free community workouts on weekends throughout the country to get participants excited and pumped up ahead of these upcoming races.

“Some of the workouts include bootcamp, crossfit, yoga, trail running, kickboxing, and running. By organizing these workouts, we are also aligning ourselves with the Fit Malaysia initiative of increasing the number of active and fit Malaysians. Our highlights included two mass workouts where we had over 500 people in each session working out together for two hours,” he said.

Fit Malaysia is the brainchild of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and is aimed at encouraging Malaysians  to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The minister also completed the Spartan Sprint race last year.

Spear Throw challenges your primal instincts to hit the mark.

Spear Throw challenges your primal instincts to hit the mark.

Spartan wanna-bees can expect to crawl under barbed wires, scale 10-feet-tall walls, weight obstacles like 60kg atlas balls, spear throwing, and getting muddy is guaranteed. Meanwhile, failure to perform any obstacles comes with a penalty of 30 burpees.

The Spartan series is divided into: Obstacle Sprint (5+ kilometres/15+ obstacles), Obstacle Super (13+ kilometres/20+ obstacles) and Obstacle Beast (20+ kilometres/25+ obstacles). There is also a category for kids.

For more info, follow Spartan Race Malaysia on Facebook. 

Source: Malay Mail