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Lowering Weights (No, we are not talking about weight loss)

As important as it is with “lifting weights” with the right postures, “lowering weights” is another important skill to learn. A wrong lowering technique may cause back and joints (ie. shoulders, knees, elbows) problems, at worst, it can break bones, wasting all the gains you accumulated.

In a usual crossfit box, you may just slam the weight to the floor at the end of the lift. But if you happened to lift in a commercial gyms, chances are you are not allow to dump weights.
Here are some videos demonstrating the techniques and some mistakes you should avoid:
Deadlift lowering. No Round Backs!
[embedvideo id=”KSZogPDS9c0″ website=”youtube”]
Clean and jerk lowering. Notice how the coach bend his knees whenever he was landing the weight onto his shoulders.
[embedvideo id=”tb2CN6mEZkM” website=”youtube”]

A huge NO when you are doing snatches.
[embedvideo id=”7eQvVjzShjI” website=”youtube”]

Bonus video! Especially for those who started practicing overhead squats!
[embedvideo id=”idPphlFtiJ0″ website=”youtube”]

Always imagine your muscles are your shock absorbers. Bent the knees as needed, but not your spine. The spine has to be straight to direct the weight to your thighs and butts. Bend your knees, use your buttocks.
For beginners, it is important that you start with an empty bar, and have an experienced trainer or fellow weight lifters to spot and guide you for postures.

May you lift on forever!