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Looking‌ ‌Into‌ ‌The‌ ‌Running‌ ‌Life‌ ‌of‌ ‌Tasha‌ ‌Jacky‌

Love was in the air when we first spoke to Fatin Atasha a.ka. Tasha Jacky back in January about her love story with a Kyserun Krew member. The husband-and-wife teamwho is well known for their enthusiasm and love towards running has made many runners envious of their relationship and has since become a couple’s goal to many local runners. 

But less do we know about the backstory of Tasha, who is also a Business Development Executive and a freelance hairdresser. In this interview, we took a peek into the life of Tasha and also to understand how she became engrossed with running. 


ToughASIA: When did you start running and what made you interested in running?

Tasha: I started running since high school and became passionate about it. In 2015, I had the opportunity to be a part of Kyserun Krew and started taking running seriously. 


ToughASIA: Where do you usually run? 

Tasha: My running route is usually in an Airforce Military base area in Shah Alam.

ToughASIA: What is your warm-up routine?


8x Arm Circles – front and backwards

8sec Hip stretch – each side

8x Forward Lunges – each leg

8x Ankle Circle – clockwise and anti-clockwise on each leg.


ToughASIA: What are the exercises you do other than running?

Tasha: Other than running, I actually swim for 30 minutes at least once a week, and I do body core workouts once a week as well. Exercises like high plank knee-to-elbow, low side planks, bicycle crunches, Russian twists and walking high knee, just to name a few. I also hike once a month. 


ToughASIA: Have you planned any race for 2021?

Tasha: I have not registered for any races due to COVID-19. But I am planning to do my 10km time trial soon to renew my personal best. 


ToughASIA: Tell us some of your best running memories

Tasha: The most memorable run would be my first event in 2014 where I won the first place for a 5km category, as well as my first marathon at Osaka. I have also participated in other global running events such as the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon (10km), Bali Maybank Marathon in Indonesia (half marathon), and the Adidas City Night Run in Berlin (10km).


ToughASIA: Tell us a little about the JoyMix Awake that you have consumed before your training. Does it work?

Tasha: I took the product for 3 weeks and it has made me more energised than before. I usually run after work so it would normally feel tired, but JoyMix Awake has provided the energy I need even after a long day at work. 

It has also lessen my knee pain which I believe that it works together with my knee recovery exercises. 


ToughASIA: How do you consume JoyMix Awake? Has it improved your performance?

Tasha: Currently I am down with a knee injury (at the time of writing), and I managed to complete 5km with an easy pace. Pre- and post-consumption of JoyMix Awake has easily improved my performance and has also helped to reduce my heart rate from 160bpm to 151 bpm. 


ToughASIA: How does it taste like? Will you recommend it to runners?

Tasha: It has a mild and sweet taste of grape and it is easy to swallow, especially directly from the sachet. I will definitely recommend JoyMix Awake to my friends.


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