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Look To Tadonamo Tri Club To Cheer You Up At IRONMAN Malaysia

Catch the friendly people of Tadonamo Tri Club at upcoming IRONMAN Malaysia. (Facebook/Tadonamo)

While IRONMAN Malaysia is a highly intense competition, rest assured that you can chill and meet the bubbly folks known for their local signature hospitality from Tadonamo Tri Club.

Tadonamo = No Name

Ironically, the club’s name is ‘No Name’ in the local lingo. While training for triathlon in 2011, Syerul Nizam and Ellya Masriq formed strong camaraderie. They decided to share their passion with other aspiring triathletes – without the need for rivalry, competition and association with other clubs.

The 8 year-old club will have 40 triathletes representing them at the IRONMAN Malaysia this weekend, and even more supporters to create a festive atmosphere en route to the finish line.

Tadonamo will set up their “signature pit stop” area at the middle poin of the 42km running course. Look out for these highly infectious people, spreading love and cheers to boost any and all athletes.

Among the active club members, Aktar Rahman is a familiar face on the Langkawi race circuit, besides having completed IRONMAN Western Australia and various other IRONMAN 70.3 races nine times over.

The 46 year-old anaesthesiologist is looking forward to his fourth appearance at IRONMAN Malaysia.

Abdul Kadir will be racing his fourth IRONMAN Malaysia in Langkawi.

“I choose triathlon to keep myself physically active in a non-contact sport to avoid damage to my joints. Pursuing multi sports also reduces the stress on specific groups of muscles,” said  46 year-old gynaecologist Abdul Kadir bin Abdul Karim.

He will also be racing his fourth IRONMAN Malaysia this weekend, having completed eight IRONMAN 70.3 races abroad.

Anyone – be it current or future aspiring athletes – can join Tadonamo for free, by joining their Facebook group. You’ve got a friend in Tadonamo, especially when the going gets tough on the race course. Hit them up for a high 5!