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Looi Chee Hoe: 10KM Specialist Ready To Run Further

Some of us have been running for years and are happy to just complete a race in one piece. Then, there is Looi Chee Hoe, who was placed second in the Men’s Open category of the IJM Besraya Highway Challenge 2019.

For the record, Chee Hoe only got back into running a year earlier in 2018 after a long hiatus since secondary school days.  This 25-year old speedy runner from Kuala Lumpur performs quality control and assurance work and testing in the laboratory for his day job.

But outside of work, he only focuses on his tried and tested 5km and 10km race categories; distances that he shines at.

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Chee Hoe enjoys his runs alone and also in groups. Among the running groups that he is in active include Windrunners, Pacemakers Malaysia, Asics Running Club, Garmin Squad.

You can spot him running frequently at Kompleks Sukan Kampung Pandan, Sri Hartamas and Perdana Botanical Garden and Stadium Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur.

The warm up routine is critical for Chee Hoe to ensure he has a good run. This routine includes an easy run for 10 minutes, then dynamic stretching and running drills:

  • head rotation,
  • arm circles
  • hip circles
  • leg swing
  • scoops
  • high knee
  • butt kick
  • A-Skip
  • B-Skip
  • carioca
  • bounding
  • strides.

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Recently, Chee Hoe as been consuming JoyMix Awake sachets prior to his runs and feels the difference in his energy level during and post-runs.

He said “After one week of trying Joymix Awake, I generally feel more alert and energetic throughout my runs and manage to run daily without heavy fatigue.”

“This means that I am able to recover quickly enough so I am fit enough to continue the next day without my body breaking down”.

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Chee Hoe continued, “my longest run last time was only 23km but recently, I have managed to make a breakthrough and ran 33km. Awake is effective in helping to improve my endurance, alertness and energy throughout the run. And I like the rich, fruity grape taste”.

As races in 2020 are all either postponed or cancelled, Chee Hoe can only wait for announcements on next year’s races. Now that he has started to run further, he keeps us in suspense of what distance categories he would choose when races resume.

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