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Local Stars set to ignite Thule Bike Battles

KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday, – It is clear for all to see that there is a significant rise in following for cycling in Malaysia and the Thule Bike Battles comes at the right time to satiate the fans’ hunger for cycling related entertainment.

The series to be aired on Youtube (BaikBiker) features 10 of the country’s top cycling talents from various disciplines of cycling taking on each other in a series of different challenges on bicycles.


Through the show, hosted by television personality Nadia Nazir, cycling fans out there will also be able to get to know the icons a lot better, out of their competitive zone.


The Thule Bike Battles is produced by popular cycling portal BaikBike Dot Com and sponsored by world famous Swedish bike transport equipment supplier Thule.

Cycling personalities featured on the show are 2010 Le Tour de Langkawi green jersey and stage winner Anuar Manan, top duathlete and triathlete Shahrom Abdullah, former national cyclist and veteran triathlete Muhammad Hafiz Wong (Ah Thiam), top downhiller Al Zure Mashar, women’s triathlete Irene Chong, BMX rider Ahmad Adib, mountain bike coach Darcy Steinhardt, touring specialist and author of Pedaling Around the Peninsula Sandra Loh, fitness coach Karen Siah and fixed gear rider Muhammad Irfan.

BaikBike’s Kuah Kok Kheng said: “We have brought together the top riders in the country to a reality show. First, to create a chance for the fans to know their idols better. Second, to marry the idea of cycling and fun.

“Lastly, to promote cycling as a competitive sport, hobby, a means of transport or just a recreational activity. As long as you are on the bike, you are reducing carbon footprint or just pure burning fats. For health or for the world, you are improving someone’s lifestyle.”


Thule South East Asia’s Don Wong said: “THULE Bike Battles came in at the right time where there are cycling icons to be idolized, established cycling paths in the country, and maturity in numerous cycling disciplines; for example, mountain biking, competitive road cycling, BMX tricks, fixed gear culture and many more.

“While all of these are in place, the latest Thule Pack n’ Pedal range were launched not long ago targeted right at cycling commuters who needed further push in their commitment to commute. Also to add on to the new range, the Thule Pack n’ Pedal products has been awarded with the Eurobike Award for ‘Best Accessory’ at Eurobike 2012.”

As arguably the biggest star in the show, Anuar Manan said he saw his involvement in the show as his contribution towards expanding cycling’s reach via an online series.

“I was actually excited by the prospects of being part of this show. This is our chance to get closer to the community and unlike a television show, it is available on demand on Youtube, so those who have hear of the show can watch it anytime online. It is a great idea and if it helps increase the appeal of cycling, our objectives would be realised,” said Anuar.

The series begins airing on Youtube with a teaser today followed by a trailer on Sept 15 and the first to the final episode will be aired from Sept 25 to October 30.

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