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Live, Love, Glow on the Illumi Fest Run 2019

The Illumi Run was an event I had been anticipating since I had heard of its return last December. I had participated in the event the previous year and had loads of fun there. A friend of mine told me to sign up the minute we heard the date announced. But did it live up to the hype? Heck, YES!

When we arrived at the Selangor Turf Club where the event was taking place, the sky looked a bit cloudy but we wrote that off as the dusk slowly turning to the night. Boy, were we wrong. As soon as we had entered the race village, a downpour struck and left us all soaking wet. Of course, this didn’t hinder the event at all. After all, we came with the knowledge that we were going to get wet whether it be by paint or by rain, what difference did it make?

Illumi fest boasted having a giant Illumi slide and Illumi playground, for both adults and kids to play in.

There was a variety of activities to participate in before and after the race in the Race Village. The neon face painting booth and slo-mo splash attracted large audiences and even longer queues.

The entire race village was also decorated with quite a few backdrops and props for the best pictures and Insta-stories. The whole place was also buzzing with energy due to the amazing music playing and the emcee pumping everyone up.

When the run flagged-off at 8.20 p.m, music was blasting away with loud cheers from the crowd. Illumi-nators splashed everyone with paint to hype up the crowd even more!

On the route, there were a few Illumi Glow zones which were lit up with colourful lights and music. Most people took the opportunity to get a few pretty pictures of themselves and the decorations, perfect for Insta-stories!

Illumi went all out this year, thus the glow zones looked almost like a scene out of a movie or an alternate dimension where music and laser lights reigned supreme.

The course went around the tracks of the turf club and eventually led us back to the main stage where a DJ was playing the loudest tracks.

Overall, the whole experience was fun and exciting, making it a good event to go to with a group of friends to just have fun and enjoy some good music. Their slogan this year was “Live, Love, Glow”, a slogan we could all listen to from time to time. This was such an energizing run, and I hope I’ll be able to join again when it comes around again.

More about the author

Denise Anjali, 17, enjoys running for recreation and health. She began running with  encouragement from her father, and has continued doing so for the fun of it.