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LILA™ brings Exogen Wearable Resistance Technology to Ironman®

Exogen Wearable

Welcome to the Movement Revolution. Sportboleh Sdn Bhd owner of LILA™ Movementechnology brand of high performance products and creators of EXOGEN™ the world’s leading wearable resistance technology announces its official partnership today with one of the world’s leading sports brands – IRONMAN®.

“IRONMAN® is one of the pinnacles of the endurance sport community and it’s an honour they see value in us and EXOGEN,” says Joseph Dolcetti, CEO and inventor of the EXOGEN technology.

EXOGEN™ was developed by sport scientists to do three things better than any other technology in the world;

  • (1) Provide your optimal training load
  • (2) to enhance your specific movement
  • (3) in your specific sporting environment.
Exogen-Peter Davis and Farah Ann
Image from Exogen

For Ironman, this means athletes can add just the right amount of resistance to directly improve endurance while actually running, cycling and even swimming.

“EXOGEN is a performance product – it directly improves performance. It is not simply a nice accessory or gimmick.  We spent 13 years developing EXOGEN and we have the research results to back it.”

LILA test launched at the 2015 IRONMAN Langkawi and had a great response with IRONMAN athletes from 4 continents and over 15 countries becoming LILA EXOGEN customers.

Exogen Wearable

Under the first stage of the partnership LILA EXOGEN® becomes the Official Wearable Resistance Technology Partner at select 2016 IRONMAN/IRONMAN 70.3 events globally including the partnership launch this weekend at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya as well as the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship (Cairns – June), IRONMAN 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship (Cebu –Aug) and the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships (Gold Coast –Sept).

Visit the LILA booth at the Ironman Expo to learn more about EXOGEN, try it yourself and take advantage of their launch deals!