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Lift Up your 2019 training with Under Armour Tribase Reign

Every lift, rep and workout of the day starts from the ground up in the UA Tribase Reign

Finding the right footwear is critical to ensure the best performance for each athletes especially in their functional fitness, high intensity training and weightlifting. The feet support and powers the body to maintain stability through movements while bearing the brunt and added weight.

Under Armour TriBase™ Reign is designed for athletes who seeks for more minimal training footwear.
The shoe is lower to the ground to give athletes the ability to seamlessly transfer power from the
group into their intended movement. With a 2mm heel to toe drop, the feet are able to move as they’re made to move.

The UA TriBase™ technology allows three zones of flexibility to allow foot to move naturally. The
forefoot flex which helps with upwards and downwards natural motion while the sides of the TriBase™ aid in torsional flexing.

The tough ripstop material and durable mesh provide 360-degree abrasion and heat resistance. The
medial and lateral rubber wrapping on the outsole, not only adds the durability, but also enhances
movements such as rope climbing.

The Under Armour TriBase™ Reign allows you to transition quickly during any workout, whether it is in a training environment or on the competition floor.

Under Armour TriBase™ Reign is available in two colour ways for men and women. The pair is
available at RM 549 in Under Armour brand house nationwide and online (

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