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New in Town: Lifeline ID for sports enthusiasts

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This time, we approached Lifeline ID, a medical ID for sports enthusiast from Malaysia. It will be available by the end of December 2013, just in time for a new year gift idea for your loved ones!

What is Lifeline ID?
Lifeline ID is basically in all intent and purposes, a medical ID. Information on the ID consists anything and everything of your own well being. For example, if you are on a bike ride with your friends, or in an event, you are not able to speak for yourself or simply unconscious, your friends or medical emergency personnel can use the information on your personal Lifeline ID to call your loved ones to inform them. If there are other medical information on it such as allergies or medical conditions, the paramedics would be able to ascertain the right medical attention to you.


Suitable for which sports?
It is suitable for all types of sports, be it cycling, water sports, running or any other sports.

What is it made of?
The material is made from the same material of a car safety belt, stainless steel for the plate and reflective material for the stitching. Information will be engraved on the plate. It will not fade whatever you do to it.
The stainless steel plate is can be replaced in the event of an information change, ie. your emergency contact, or change some details on your medical condition.
The strap is adjustable, so one size fits all wrist sizes.

How much information can I fit into a Lifeline ID?
You will have 6 lines, 25 characters each line, including spaces, to state your name, maybe blood type, medical condition or allergies, emergency contact, place of origin, or any medical related information. We can give you a list of suggestion what to put, but it is entirely up to you what you want to engrave on the plate. You may even include a word of encouragement for yourself, too!


What are the variations?
There are four variations, depending on which comfort level you want. What we have here includes the Max, which uses velcro strips, so it can fit on all wrist sizes.
The Pro version is the made out of silicon, with a watch buckle. it comes with a standard length and allows you to cut into length for yourself.
We will also have another variation for sports watches, as some might not opt for wearing too many things on the wrist during sports. It is like a companion to your watch.
Racer, another variant, which you wear it on your shoe, regardless of velcro or shoe laced. You may also put it on the tank top for the ladies.

What are the colors available?
Currently we carry four colors, black, blue, yellow and red. We will have more colors available in the future.

How much does it cost?
It will be retailing below RM60 each, available by end of December 2013. Free delivery in peninsular Malaysia.


Where to get and how long does it take?
It will be available through all major bicycle shops around Malaysia soon and of course, online too. It usually takes seven to ten working days to deliver upon receiving order and payment.

What are the other use Lifeline ID?
Lifeline ID can be use for the elderly too. You may include contact info or medical condition, for example for some elders with Alzheimer’s or other medical conditions, which so happens wandered out of the house, and found by a good samaritan, and be able to contact you.
It can also be for children if you want to.

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