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Cross Train CrossFit

Let’s talk about abs

Hah! Gotcha!

There is this thing about crossfit; crossfit doesn’t talk about abs.
Instead, it is all about Midline Stabilization.
“Lack of movement around that (mid)line while engaged in functional movement is core strength,” – Coach Glassman, founder of Crossfit.

In simple terms, it is about how unbendable is your back when you are squatting 80kg over your head (or any other heavy lifting movements), hence there are lots of emphasis on not just the six packs, but the lower back, buttocks and thighs.

In human anatomy, the core muscles not limited to the six packs, including:
Multifidus – A series of small muscles which travel up the length of the spine.

Erector Spinae – A bundle of larger muscle groups and tendons along the length of spine.

Transversus Abdominis – A.k.a TVA, vital in maintaining good posture. Weak Tranversus Abdominis usually leads to lower back pain.

Quadratus Lumborum – Connects from lower spine to the pelvis.

Internal Oblique – A series of connective tissue between front and back, through both sides. Help in side bends and twisting the body.


To strengthen these complex and intervening muscles groups, Coach Glassman came up with cross train that including Squats and lifts.
Rather than just strengthening the core, these exercises are functional(moving heavy object from ground level to higher ground), and can customize to train stamina (metcon), and immense scalability for people with different fitness level and fitness objective.
To achieve these criterion, a typical crossfit workout will include some form of squats/lifts, and high reps.
And that is how Crossfit Game is play – perform as many/fast functional movements as possible, individually or team.

So stop fantasizing at getting six packs. It comes naturally when you master the squats and lifts, and many many reps under your belt.

Pictures from wikipedia and twitter user crossfitgame