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Let your pocket tell you when to Refuel with smart nutrition app


Refuel is the first truly intelligent nutrition app.

Available now for Recon Jet and coming soon to iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, and Android Wear devices – Refuel provides nutrition and hydration advice to active individuals throughout the day with the goal of helping people live healthier lives and perform better at their activities.

Based on the user’s activity level and fueling needs, Refuel sends notifications when to drink and eat during an activity. It also calculates and breaks down which macronutrients are required for recovery, makes complete meal suggestions and provides specific recipes based on these recovery needs. Refuel delivers this information regardless of activity type. Be it a brisk walk or a grueling bike ride, Refuel makes tailored suggestions specific to each user.

These fuelling recommendations are based on Brendan Brazier’s widely used sport nutrition guidelines. Refuel will be available in late 2015 / early 2016. 


A Nutrition Coach In Your Pocket

For those of you who are already versed in hydrating and fueling your body to perform optimally, don’t risk the dreaded bonk. Let Refuel do the remembering for you. Focusing on your training session or race is where your mental energy should be.

Refuel removes the guesswork from fuelling and will:

  • Connect to your fitness tracking networks (i.e. Strava, RunKeeper, Under Armour, TrainingPeaks, etc.) to see when you have activities planned, when you’re in an activity, and when you’ve finished an activity.
  • Use movement and health data from your watch or smartphone. (Apple Health and Google Fit are supported.)
  • Work with all major sports and activity types.
  • Provide pre-activity fueling suggestions based on activities and goals.
  • Send reminders to fuel and hydrate during activities.
  • Provide exact post-activity nutrition needs and recipes.
  • Provide tips on what to eat to reduce inflammation and reduce recovery time.
  • Show macronutrient burn percentages.
  • Enable the user to input future and past activity information.

For more info, visit Refuel’s website here.


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