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Ledang Climbathon 2024: Embracing Nature’s Ultimate Test

Photo Source: Ledang Climbathon’s Facebook

Enthusiasts of trail running worldwide are gearing up for the Ledang Climbathon 2024 taking place on 3 and 4 May 2024, poised against the majestic backdrop of Malaysia’s Gunung Ledang. As excitement mounts for this year’s spectacle, we caught up with Vin Yeo, the Race Director, to gain insights into what awaits participants.

For Yeo, the genesis of the Ledang Climbathon stems from a profound admiration for the scenic beauty of Ledang. “Ledang is truly captivating,” he reminisces about his inaugural visit in 2020. “Since then, I’ve harboured a desire to introduce it to trail runners globally, and in 2023, we materialised that dream.”

Central to the Ledang Climbathon is its distinctive route, offering participants a voyage through rugged landscapes and awe-inspiring panoramas. As the pinnacle of Southern Peninsula Malaysia, Gunung Ledang not only presents a formidable challenge but also treats adventurers to breathtaking views and invigorating temperatures. “The trail is renowned for its arduous and technical ascent,” Yeo elucidates, underscoring the physical and mental resilience demanded to conquer it.

Vin Yeo, Race Director of Ledang Climbathon

The event undergoes continual refinement, with Yeo and his team implementing enhancements to enrich the participant experience. “We’ve redesigned the 14km trail, unveiling a fresh route that is poised to become the official pathway,” he discloses. Furthermore, a new 21km category has been introduced, catering to endurance athletes seeking a greater trial and the chance to accrue ITRA and UTMB points.

Prioritising the safety and welfare of participants remains paramount. Yeo underscores the collaboration with seasoned guides and meticulous route marking to mitigate risks along the demanding course. “We partner with accredited Gunung Ledang guides stationed at pivotal junctions along the trail,” he assures, accentuating the comprehensive safety protocols in place.

Beyond the exhilaration of the race, the Ledang Climbathon endeavours to make a positive impact on the local community and environment. Yeo stresses the significance of liaising with local authorities and organisations, providing employment opportunities to residents and bolstering local vendors during the event.

Looking forward, Yeo envisions the Ledang Climbathon evolving into a series, enticing even more runners to embrace the allure and challenges of Mount Ledang. “We aspire to merge with other climbathon races across Malaysia to establish a series, attracting a broader audience to experience Ledang,” he reveals, delineating his ambitious aspirations for the event’s future.

With online registration now closed, prospective runners are urged to register on race day and brace themselves mentally and physically for the ultimate test of endurance at the Ledang Climbathon 2024.

Ledang Climbathon 2024 is organised by Mountain Goat Events. For more information about Ledang Climbathon 2024, please visit the event’s Facebook page.