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Learn a new move: Pistol!

Pistol, also known as the one-legged squat or single leg squat, is one of the most well known body weight exercises there is.
It engages almost every muscle group from hips and below, also increases hips’ mobility and learn to shift load from one side of the hip to another.

christmas pistol

The hardest expect of pistol is the balancing while standing up from the bottom position. Another reason it is hard for some individuals don’t pick this up due to falling backwards, supporting with only one leg.
None the less, it is a exercise if you have limited access to squat cage or other gym equipment for legs. Or you are bored with squats.

Benefit of pistol:
Strengthen knees
Practice hip thrust
Balancing with single leg across the range of motion
Learn to transfer load with hips

Things to watch out when practicing pistol:
Point your squatting knee forward.
Load on heels, by leaning backward. It is a good practice for beginners who start squatting but could not feel the weight on the heel by focusing on one leg instead of both legs.
Tighten the core. You will need to hold the non-squatting leg up by tightening the core.

Get comfortable by lowering yourself to sit on the floor with one leg
Band assistance if you have trouble squatting up.
Box squatting allows you to control how low you can go. Reduce the height of the target as you progress.
Weighted pistol. The further you hold the weight in front of you, the more it counters the weight you place on your heels. Hold it closer to your chest if you are scaling up.

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Now go and fire those squatting muscle of yours!