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Kova Repreve makes super comfy Eco-Friendly Activewear

Everyone is trying to save the environment by making fashionable pieces from disposed plastic bottles, but Kova Sports seemed to have excelled in this.

The eco-friendly Kova Repreve T-shirt might look like just another simple round neck t-shirt. However, its smooth, comfy and breathable material makes it suitable for stylish active individuals.

Feel less guilty about plastic bottles disposed daily and wear it proudly!

You couldn’t even tell that the Kova Reprieve t-shirt was made from plastic. It has this soft, supple texture that just makes me want to wear it all day long! – Chris Khoo, IRONMAN Triathlete in the making

Their seams are stitched so fine that it’s almost seamless, and the material is very breathable and aptly worn in our humid tropical climate.

I don’t say this lightly, but I even want to wear it to bed as the material is so snug and cozy. All in all, t-shirt might cost a little more than the average, but you are supporting a great cause and in return you get a great product.

Maple Chan loves the body hugging yet stylish Kova Repreve Racerback

Being an active person who enjoys outdoor activities like cycling and running, I personally prefer the Kova Repreve Racerback as it is made of sweat wicked material.

The Kova Repreve Racerback is suitable for women who prefer a well-fitted or body hugging activewear and yet looking stylish during a workout – Maple Chan, an aspiring Triathlete

If you are shopping for activewear, I would highly recommend Kova Repreve. You will be paying to help reduce the landfill waste and receive an amazing piece in return.

For more info and to get eco-friendly stylish activewear, visit Kova Sports here.

More about the author

Maple Chan now at the peak of her running with countless running events and marathons under her belt, she searches for new adventures with multi-sport events like Powerman with the ultimate goal of completing an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

More about the cyclist

Chris Khoo, an ex-coach at zero2hero and mountain bike lover. He’s a newbie Triathlete now finding his way to sustainable fitness. Always passionate about learning and sharing knowledge with everyone.