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KLCCRG and PichaEats Partner to Promote A Balanced Lifestyle and Diet Among Malaysians

(L-R) Putri, Team Member of PichaEats, Suzanne Ling, founder of Pichaeats, and Matthew Barsing, founder of KLCCRG

“Kopi-O-Ais kurang manis”, “Teh panas kosong” are some of the most common terms regularly uttered in our favourite mamak stores and restaurants as Malaysians try to combat obesity. While the locals have begun shunning from sugary beverages, they fail to realise the bigger underlying problem that daily food consumption and calorie counts. 

Malaysians love their food and it will always be at the forefront in the country’s tourism promotion, but being coined as the ‘most obese Asian country’ in 2018 by the World Health Organisation (Source: The Star) has definitely proven two points: Malaysians are not moving enough to stay healthy and burn fats; and Malaysian food is too darn good to reject.

This led to the recent partnership between KLCC Runners Group (KLCCRG) and PichaEats to encourage a balanced lifestyle that includes consuming healthy food and doing regular exercises. “This is a unique partnership that brings together our shared goal of empowering individuals to help transform people’s lives through healthy eating and an active lifestyle,” said Matthew Barsing, the founder of KLCCRG, one of ASEAN’s largest running communities.

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The meals prepared by social enterprise PichaEats are ready-to-heat microwaveable ones that allow customers to freeze and store. It is also MSG-free and does not contain any preservatives. Among some of the delicacies include the Palestinian Hummus, Afghani Dumplings and Syrian sweets that are prepared by refugees in Malaysia. 

“[We are] really excited in this partnership. We always believe that one person and one team can only do so much. When more people come together to form partnerships, we can all achieve more together,” said Suzanne Ling, founder of PichaEats. 

To learn more about the menu or to order your first balanced diet meal, click here.

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