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What’s a Pseudo Pro Triathlete?

What’s a Pseudo Pro Triathlete, you ask?

Rupert Chen and Karen Siah are exemplary figures as they train like pro triathletes while still holding full time jobs. They are not amateurs either because they invest time, energy and money into their favourite sports and work hard to be a level above the rest.

In any sport, there are the Professionals (Pro), Semi Pros and the amateurs, therefore the Pseudo Pros fill the gap between Semi Pro and the amateurs.

BFM Rupert Chen and Karen Siah
Rupert Chen and Karen Siah discussed life as a triathlete at the BFM Studios. (BFM)

Both Karen Siah and Rupert Chen are triathletes whom have complete one of the toughest triathlon, known as the ‘Ironman’ which encompasses 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run.

In the session with radio station BFM, Personal Trainer Karen and triathlete Rupert discuss how the competitive sports industry caters to this sub-group of triathletes, and whether it is a sustainable lifestyle for the triathletes?

If you missed out on listening to their views on this topic, click here to download the Podcast.


Source: BFM