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Kampung Quest: Malaysia’s first Kampung theme reality show!


Created by Feisal and Iskander brothers, Kampung Quest is the first Kampung theme survivor reality show in Malaysia, sending us back in time and show us how Malaysian used to live their life before urbanization.

the brothersFeisal and Iskander Azizuddin

‘Kampung Quest’ is an adventure reality show which takes 10 urban Malaysians out of their comfort zones of modern city life and throw them into an idyllic rural setting, complete with an authentic kampung house and a river running by. There they compete daily in culturally-‐themed quests which they must win in order to stay in the show.

The urbanites are split into two camps of five; Merantau Camp and Merapi Camp. Depending on the outcome of the Elimination Quest, both camps will either stay in the kampung house or rough it out in the outdoors.

contestants 2The Contestants

Each day consists of three key events; the Reward Quest, the Elimination Quest and The Campfire. In the Reward Quest, both camps compete to be rewarded with  sponsored prizes. In the Elimination Quest, both camps compete for  basic necessity items (shampoo, inflatable pillow) and to be exempted from attending The Campfire where the losing camp will have to vote out one member from their camp.


Each of the 7 episodes runs for a duration of 30 minutes. Kampung Quest will be aired via starting from 16 January 2014.

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