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Kai Hao Powers to Personal Bests on Hammer Nutrition

“No human is limited” – believes Ipoh-born runner Chen Kai Hao, who is inspired by this mantra to keep pushing the limit and get faster.

While we all run for different reasons, the 31-year-old event organiser chases the dream of being a fraction closer to the Kipchoges’ of this world. His personal best stands at 00:17:26 for 5km, 00:38:02 for 10km and 1:23:28 over 21km.  ToughASIA pushed the throttle to catch up with this speedster on the run.

ToughASIA: When did you start running and why?

Kai Hao: I started running since 2008 as a casual runner. Started with a simple reason – I wanted to overcome limitations or setbacks and to prove things to myself. In 2013-14, I started to take running a bit more seriously by starting to follow some running programs and managed to improve myself.

ToughASIA: How have you improved to be the runner you are today?

Kai Hao: I always tell myself to keep running and not to give up. One day, you will become somebody.

I did a lot research about running, consulted some coaches and learned about running techniques, programs and learnt from my mistakes.

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ToughASIA: What is your proudest achievement as a runner?

Kai Hao: One of my proudest achievement was that I able to break my half marathon record in 1:23:28 at the Gold Coast marathon 2018 in Australia. I’m looking forward to 2021 for a bigger achievement.

ToughASIA: How do you use Hammer Nutrition in your runs?

Kai Hao: Before using Hammer Nutrition, I have been sponsored by other brands but among all, I feel that Hammer products suit me the best. Personally, I feel that it helps to enhance my performance by far. The products which I am taking are Fully Charged (pre- workout), Heed (during workout), Gel, and Recoverite (post-workout) – which are really useful for long to middle distance runners.

ToughASIA: Have you been participating in any virtual runs, or would you?

Kai Hao: Presently, I have not participate in any virtual races yet. Virtual races are good during this pandemic period as they give you more time flexibility. You get to finish your race within a longer period of time or at times that suit your schedule.

Usually, virtual races are offered for at least a few days or even months to achieve certain mileages or goals. Perhaps, I will participate in virtual races soon within this year.

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ToughASIA: What races are you looking forward to in the next 12 months?

Kai Hao: I was looking forward to the Marugame half marathon in Japan but it has been postponed to 2022. So the next race I’m eagerly awaiting will be the Gold Coast marathon to be held in 2021 in Australia.

ToughASIA: Would you like to share any other perspective regarding your journey as a runner?

Kai Hao: Keep running and do not give up. Practice makes perfect. As long as you keep consistent and train well, success will come soon.

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